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Look at all this great biggerKrissy Crap! Pillows, purses, LIGHT-UP high tops and more!

I don't make any money from it, but they still cool, yo. People start buying stuff, you never know what could happen.


The biggerChronicles is actually a thing.

It's done and you can order it right here! I'm not sure I actually believed this day would come. Because shit this took longer and got way more involved than I ever anticipated.

See that button? It means you can buy it. You should buy it. You will buy it.

Hopefully I'll figure out how to put it on Amazon. Nothing exists unless it's on Amazon. Just ask my credit card.

(The book's goddamned delicious, if I do say so myself.)

Book cover image

The biggerChronicles

by Krissy Harris


Buy Now button

You seriously need a biggerCritter totebag from Society 6. How do I know? I've been practically living in them for the last few months. I make about $2 a bag, so buy them for everyone you know. Thanks.

the biggerCritters.
1. They are all one of a kind. Even their names are all unique. Some might say too unique. But not you. You love them.
2. biggerKrissy guarantees each one to be even plushier, cuddlier and cuter in person. Unlike biggerKrissy, who is much saltier in person. Nope, even saltier than that.
3. Each is handmade by biggerKrissy. Otherwise you'd be at biggerLotsOfPeopleMakeThese.com.

Mo' Krissy, Mo' Problems

Here is the full eight-minute streaming video clip of biggerKrissy's segment on HGTV's "Crafters Coast to Coast." Everyone's favorite salty toymaker all there in her non-HD-There-Must-Be-a-God-of-Some-Sort Glory.

Did we mention she had the flu?

Pssst. Down Here.


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